What Is Going On?

By Tyler Aberle

What exactly is all of this uproar about the “Muslim Ban” banning Muslims to come into the nation? Pretty much what the the big man at 1600 Pennsylvania decided is to totally shut down entry of people coming from seven countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia – for 90 days and refugees for 120 days. Even if you’re flying in and have a green card for the United States you will have to go through a very strict secondary vetting process, and even after that you might be turned around and sent on a return flight back from where you came. Pretty shitty right?

So why is this whole debacle of an Executive Order that states nothing about Muslims turn into riots happening over a Muslim ban? Well, one of the biggest platforms the President ran with during his campaign was that about the dangers of Muslims, throwing them, wrongfully, in to a huge basket of radical, killing, heartless, anti-American machines. The seven countries brought into the picture with this order just so happen to be majority-Muslim nations. Coincidence? I think not, Don.

Big players in the corporate world have shown utter distaste for his actions and are showing their support against Trump’s initiative by making it their business. For instance, Starbuck’s CEO has vowed to hire 10,000 refugee workers over the next 5 years. Pretty much think about any tech-titan of a company out there, and they have already voiced out incredibly against President Trump.

The main question people have come to conflict with is: If this continues to happen, who will be the next people to fall?


Courtesy of Pixabay.com