Bare Faced Beauty

By Claire Vaughn

UP Magazine Staff

Browsing Instagram or Facebook on any given day, it is very common to see makeup tutorials and transformations. Girls go from looking like plain jane to Beyonce in about a three minute video. Makeup is fun and can be a great tool of expression. But, recently, a new trend has hit the scene: no makeup.

Almost everyone has seen those Instagram or Youtube videos for the “No makeup makeup look!” It uses about 9 products that make you appear like you’re not wearing makeup. This is a great tool, too. Use subtle hints of makeup, just enough so that you’re comfortable, but not too much so that you look like you’re wearing makeup. But who said you had to make it look like you aren’t wearing makeup when you are? Maybe you could just not wear any at all.

UP Magazine Staff

Alicia Keys really took the world by surprise when she decided to stop wearing makeup altogether. Since about June 2016, she has almost entirely eliminated makeup from her look during performances and red carpet appearances. Since then, this trend has caught on. Not only does it look great to be bare faced, but it is great for your skin, too. Even if you do have to wear some makeup, less is more. There are certain brands that are better than others.

When it comes to foundation, especially, it is important not to skimp on the brand. It can get expensive, but many times, it is worth it to splurge, as it minimizes breakouts and looks much more natural. I would recommend for a no-makeup makeup look to use just a few of the necessities. Bare Minerals is great for a medium-coverage look. It is light and natural, while also hiding any imperfections. Another great brand is Tarte. The Tarte hybrid gel foundation is a great option, as well. It is full coverage, yet still feels light. It not only covers imperfections, but it adds a beautiful, natural glow to the skin. Perfect for spring! Clinique is another great option, as it is very natural looking. Adding a few coats of the high impact mascara will really brighten up those eyes! Finally, a light fill in of the brows and you’re good to go! It Cosmetics Brow Powder Waterproof Perfector is great for this step!

UP Magazine Staff

Don’t be afraid to go natural however you choose! Wear as much or as little makeup as you like. It is up to you! “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” -Sophia Loren

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