Now Trending: The French Girl Look

By Hannah Blaze

One of the biggest recent trends that has hit the beauty world is creating the perfect “French Girl” look. Parisian women tend to always look naturally flawless, and everyone is emulating their lived-in-yet-still-totally-chic vibes. Here are my top tricks that you can do to embrace your inner French girl!

Lea Seydoux via Instagram

1. Ditch the Hair Tools

Styling your hair is a big no no in the French world. The trendiest hair looks tend to be the messiest ones, and many women will simply leave the house with it wet and allow it to air dry, or with whatever their hair woke up looking like. Bedhead is a total yes!

2. Allow Only 5 Minutes for Makeup

If it takes you longer than 5 minutes, it’s too much makeup. Most women will skip foundation and just wear concealer. French women take pride in their beautiful, glowing complexions that they work so hard to maintain, and want to show it off.

Caroline De Maigret via Instagram

3. Skip the Contouring

Contouring turns out to be very frowned upon  in France—many do not like how much it can alter their appearance and the texture of their skin. It’s all about embracing your natural beauty, and just enhancing what you have.

4. Blush & Lipstick Are a Yes

Blush and lipstick are a definite yes in the French world; many women are commonly seen rocking a bold red lip.

Violette via Instagram

5. Never Look Too Perfect

French women never worry about trying to create a flawless look. The confidence they have in their looks is what makes us all believe they are so perfect. Embracing your natural beauty is everything to them, and I think that’s a big thing a lot of us here need to work on.

To the French, it’s all about being effortlessly chic. Never over think your looks and rock what you’ve got. Perfection is overrated. Remember this the next time you begin your beauty routine and you will truly become a widely emulated French girl.

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