Ringing in Spring

By Claire Vaughn

It is no secret that 90’s fashion has come back to stay. Between ripped jeans, Converse, chokers and more, it’s like we’ve stepped back into a time machine. And it’s great! Another really interesting aspect of the 90’s has made a big comeback within the last few months, picking up popularity as time goes on—rings.

Rings have always been an essential for fashion for as long as time can remember. However, the 90’s really took off with them. It’s more popular to wear multiple rings on multiple fingers, of different styles and types. Not to mention the classic mood rings. Now, the same thing is becoming more and more popular.

UP Magazine Staff

The best thing to pair with a choker? More jewelry. The typical standard now is stacking rings. Statement rings are great. But, pairing smaller, daintier rings makes a statement in and of itself. Typically, bigger or longer rings look best on the pointer or middle finger. They usually stand out more this way. The smaller or daintier rings should go on the ring or pinky finger. The pinky finger is great for just a simple band, perhaps to bring the whole look together. Finally, if wearing a ring on the thumb, a larger or thicker one is best. This is because the thumb is usually the sturdiest on the hand. So, it makes sense to have a sturdier ring on it.

UP Magazine Staff

There are plenty of great stores and places that sell great stacking rings. Though a little pricey, one can never go wrong with Pandora jewelry. There are so many rings and styles from which to choose. They are great for stacking and pairing together. Of course, Etsy is a great option, as well. You can browse through thousands of stores to find the perfect mix of rings for you. However, there are other options, too. Stores like Forever 21 or Charming Charlie often sell stacking rings in a set, which is another great and affordable option.

Pairing rings can be difficult. The best way to do so is just to make sure that they fit your personality and the look you’re going for. Again, confidence is key. You wear anything with confidence and it will instantly become a trend. Pairing colored gems with mixed metals is fine if that’s what you like! Owning what you’re wearing is key.

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