UP Winter Release Party: What to Wear

By Vivian Drury

UP’s winter issue, Youth in Revolt, captures the essence of freedom and breaking all of fashion’s rules. This Thursday, our winter release party celebrates this issue and we invite you to join in on the revolt and make a statement with whatever you’re wearing. Some key pieces in our winter issue are:


Winter is nothing without some great leather. Whether it’s pants or a jacket or a skirt, don’t  be afraid to rock it. This issue is about getting away from the far too common misconception of “I can’t pull that look off.” Yes, you can! Be bold and revolt from your everyday wardrobe.

Courtesy of UP’s Instagram
Courtesy of UP’s Instagram

Distressed and Embroidered Denim

We all have that one pair of jeans in the back of our drawer that we love, but often don’t wear because they have so many holes. Well, break that denim out! Distressed denim is a major look featured in this issue, along with embroidered denim. Give your favorite jean jacket a vintage vibe with some old patches and stitches. This makes the look fun and unique to your own personal style.

Courtesy of UP’s Instagram
Courtesy of UP’s Instagram
Other great ideas are all black looks, graphic pieces, and wearing fun tights like fishnets.
The issue includes an editorial on breaking the rules of fashion, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Clothing makes a statement and this is your time to do so, too. Cannot wait to see you there!



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