The Truth about Valentine’s Day

By Vivian Drury

So I’m going to step onto the soap box and preach for a quick moment. I promise to keep it short, and relatively sweet in honor of Valentine’s Day, but on this day where some people are thankful, others are bitter, and the rest just lonely, I think it’s appropriate.

Now for the record, I am one of those bitter and lonely people. I typically spend Valentine’s Day in anticipation for the day after where Target fills its shelves with half priced candy boxes. I usually attempt to keep my head down, focusing on making it through the day, trying to ignore every balloon and flower bouquet and the beaming person carrying them that surrounds me.

Yet this year, maybe because the sun was shining or because lent hasn’t begun and bread is still in my diet, I realized that Valentine’s Day is a little more than what I gave it credit. As I sat waiting for my English class to begin, a skinny freshman boy who isn’t in the class walked in asked if there was a girl named Paige in the room. The girl who sat a few feet next to me blushed and raised her hand. He handed her a bouquet of pink and red tulips and the rest of the room broke out in a chorus of “Awww” and a handful of girls rolled their eyes.

I was one of those girls. As I turned my attention away from the Valentine’s Day commotion, a text popped up on my laptop from my father. It was a gif of Patrick Star from Spongebob wearing a t-shirt with a heart on it while he jumped up and down. “Happy Valentine’s Day, love ya,” he wrote. I smiled, my heart as full as the girl with the flowers next to me. It suddenly hit me that even as cliche as it sounds, Valentine’s Day is just a chance for everyone to stop and tell someone they love you, or even just like your presence. Whether that’s a partner, a dog, a parent, or that person you’ve been sleeping with for two months, today’s a time to just say, “Hey, you’re cool, thanks for being that way.”

So if you’re feeling upset because you’re not the one carrying around the extra large teddy bear or a dozen roses, don’t worry, the roses will die and that teddy bear will end up in a Goodwill pile someday. Use today to tell your friend who sits there and listens while you complain about being single (you know who I’m talking about), rather than cursing the stars because you’re “forever alone” even though you really are not.

Smile, eat some candy, and give a hug or two. It’s just as good for you as it is for them.

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