“What? Like It’s Hard?”Channel Elle Woods With Legally Blonde Merch

By Bella Douglas

Although Legally Blonde came out 16 years ago (wait what?), I think we can all agree its one-liners are timeless. MGM and WhoHaha (a digital platform created by actress Elizabeth Banks) have teamed up to create an awesome line of Elle Woods approved merchandise.

Courtesy of @whohaha

The line—which includes hats, notebooks, shirts and sweaters—features some of the film’s most quotable moments. Gems such as”Bend and snap,” “What? Like it’s hard?” and “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed” are on full display in trendy, pink patterns. Whether you’re applying to law school, a Gemini-vegetrian, or a Legally Blonde aficionado, MGM and WhoHaha’s collab has something for everyone.

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