Bright && Bold This Spring

By Madelyn Hopkins

Spring is my favorite season. After the dreadful winter months, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel. The days are brighter and longer, the birds are chirping, the grass is greener, who wouldn’t be happy in the spring?

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Courtesy of Mara Hoffman

With spring comes new fashion. Some of my favorite designers are the ones to always play around with exotic patterns and bold colors. I am an avid supporter and wearer of black on black on black; however come springtime, I love seeing diversity and color.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

Whether this be through a pair of reflective shades or a block print rainbow shift dress, color is always a fun addition and a good way to make a statement. Wearing something vibrant or daring will reflect on yourself and leave you feeling like you’re spring break ready.

If you are going to wear black, you can always add in some pops of red or blue to shake things up! One of my favorite ways to get away from black is wearing navy. Although it’s still a darker color, navy looks so cute when paired with white jeans or a fun, light patterned skirt.

Courtesy of Alice McCall

I couldn’t be talking about spring without talking about Memorial Day. Not only does Memorial Day rock because you can finally wear your white jeans (as if you weren’t before then), but it’s also my favorite time to show off some of my favorite looks! All of my girlfriends search through each other’s closets to find the perfect dress or romper to wear. It’s such a great time to shake off the drab winter colors and immerse yourself into light and festive colors.

Courtesy of Maggie Clemens

Next time you’re thinking about wearing that black shirt with black jeans, switch it up and throw on some fun color! You’ll make more of a statement and feel more festive for the warm weather.

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