All Tied(yed) Up

By Lizzie Carter

After an absolutely beautiful and rare 60 degree Saturday last weekend, I’ve been stuck thinking about spring break and all the fun clothes to accompany this wonderful warmth. My go-to for this temperature, and probably just in general, is  tie dye. The trippy, swirling patterns, mixes of colors, and beautiful handmade look that goes with this fabric are an easy to style statement piece. Don’t back away from the fun—dive straight in by pairing a tie dyed top with ripped jeans or a mini skirt. The simple way to style this statement fabric is by keeping it easy with one piece of tie dye and keeping everything else neutral colors. But for the daring, you can always pair it with another bold and vibrant color or a just as bold striped piece.

Courtesy of Revolve

You can always bring this print back to its ’70s roots by doing a tie dye gauzy top with some DIY shorts and sandals, perfect for a warm weather vacation. Channeling your inner peace maker, you’ll be paying homage to this necessary hippie essential.

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

This look sports one of the seasons hottest trend tops with the bold pattern. A surplice top with the bold pattern looks perfect on the wearer for a fun night out, seen here.

Courtesy of Stella Moss

Another spin on the trend is to be bold and go with a fun pair of pants! A lot of pattern at once isn’t only a fundamental to making a statement, it’s a way to express yourself in a fun new way with a pattern that speaks to you. Personally, I tend to stick with tie dye because of the unique and handmade look that is special to the piece and never copied by other wearer’s items.

Although perfect for warmer weather, you can totally wear this trend no matter what the temperature. So head to Revolve, Uptown, or a Michael’s to DIY this bold pattern and put yourself out there in eye catching fashion. You won’t regret putting on a piece as colorful and vivid as tie dye to catch some looks, whether it’s warm out or not!

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