The Best(y) of Etsy

By Madelyn Hopkins

There are so many amazing and unknown designers, jewelers, painters, etc. in the world. Sometimes, shopping at the mainstream can be boring. Everyone wearing the same exact thing—it gets a little repetitive.  When I’m feeling bored of the latest trends and releases, I jump over to Etsy to see what I can find!

For example, I searched on Etsy the word “indigo” and everything from pillows to napkins to wall art appeared. Below are just a few of my favorite results:

Courtesy of Wyoming Creative East
Courtesy of Wanderlust Workroom
Courtesy of annajoyce

Clearly, Etsy is filled with anything you could ever want. If you’re feeling more creative, then Etsy even offers supplies for making paintings, jewelry, keychains—anything at all. Some of my favorite Etsy craft shops are based out of India and offer exotic products for an affordable price unlike what you’d find in chain stores.

Courtesy of WomanShopsWorld
Courtesy of OxBow Designs

As you can see, you can find everything on Etsy. The best part is that it’s all so unique and bought directly from the person, giving you a connection to the goods you wear and use everyday!

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