By Allie Eames


As many of you fashion-forward humans may know, last week was New York Fashion Week. Fashion’s greatest all gathered in the big apple to decide what we would all be wearing almost a year from now and it’s looking like it’s going to be a good fall. While many of the looks were rightfully out there and perhaps too couture to ever reach Oxford, I’ve compiled a few of the most promising and exciting looks of the week, ones that I plan on interpreting in my own sense (aka, looks I hope Zara will produce at a small fraction of the price).

I’ll start with Yeezy. I think Kanye hit the nail on the head with Season 5, and although many of the looks aren’t groundbreaking, they’re the looks I’d be most confident in seeing around campus. Especially considering Kanye stepped back from the Grammy’s this year and is putting a lot of focus into his line, the looks are highly anticipated and will inevitably be made cool by Kendall and Kylie. Thankfully, the oversized sweatshirts, trucker jackets, and thigh-high boots will be easily attainable at outlets like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 so that everyone can look like a Kardashian.

See it all here.

Another winner for NYFW is FRAME. Again, not anything I haven’t seen before, but looks  that I can’t wait to see in retailers soon. Most notably, these two unreal takes on work meets casual luxury.

See it all here.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with what will truly most likely be seen parading around Oxford next semester- Topshop’s Unique catwalk line was an eclectic mix of mismatching patterns and silhouettes adorned with sparkles, rhinestones, silk, and even the appearance of an oversized sweatshirt. I hope that Topshop’s looks can go from runway to retail ASAP so that I can snag looks like these for the coming months.

See it all here. 

All in all, NYFW produced some rock-solid looks that I can’t wait to steal.