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By Hannah Blaze

One of the biggest trends that I have been noticing lately in the beauty world is the addition of faux freckles to every beauty look. Guru’s all across YouTube and Instagram have been applying these cute little speckles as the finishing touch to their looks and I am honestly in love. If you were not already blessed with naturally having freckles, it is a super easy look to create!

SimplyKenna via Instagram

After searching around and watching plenty of videos, I have found that there are actually a ton of different ways that you can create the look of super natural-looking freckles.

The most popular way that I have found has been taking a very precise-tipped eyebrow pencil and dotting it across your nose while varying how much pressure you use on the tip. That way, they are all a bit uniquely shaped and colored, making them look as realistic as possible.

Another common method is taking a precisely pointed brush and any product similar to the ‘Anastasia Dip Brow Gel’ and using that to gently dot on freckles. This is great to do over the penciled in ones because it will allow for an even greater variation of freckles, making it look all the more natural.

James Charles via Instagram

The last method I saw that I honestly believe was the most natural looking was taking loose brown pigment and dusting it over your nose. You then lightly cover that with a bit of foundation, and go in with an eye pencil or pen to add in a bit more precise looking speckles.

I have rounded up a few good videos that you can watch that may be of more help to those who are visual learners:

Carli Bybel: FALL MAKEUP | Simple Eyes & FAUX Freckles


Chantel Jeffries: Faux Freckles!!!!

If you find that you love your faux freckles so much that you want them to become a more permanent feature on your face, many people have turned to micro-blading to do so! It is a semi-permanent technique that will give you the most realistic freckles without the hassle of them washing off at the end of the day.

Micro-bladed freckles by Shaughnessy via Instagram

Overall, faux freckles are a super fun way to change up your look! The great thing about them is that they do not need to be perfect and you can tailor them just to your face. Next time you want to switch things up, consider giving these a try!

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