2o17 or the ’70s ??

By Madelyn Hopkins

History repeats itself. You’ve probably heard this phrase since you were a grade schooler, if you’re anything like me. However, I always took it with a grain of salt.

Millennials, Generation X, Y, whatever you want to call us—there’s one thing that we pride ourselves on. Being unique. We are innovative, we are diverse, we are taking over. However, no matter how advanced our cell phones or cars may be, fashion history most certainly is repeating itself.

Courtesy of Vogue

Wide leg pants, jean jackets, high knee boots, furry jackets, the swing dress. Are we just recreating our parents’ style with a modern (and arguably sometimes less colorful) twist?

Well, those in the ’60s or ’70s who imagined the 2000s as everyone wearing technicolor, metallic space suits were not completely wrong. I mean, yes people do wear neon and metallic colors; however, not anymore than the past generations have. Fashion is always  evolving, but the looks of the ’70s are definitely coming back into play.

Courtesy of Courtney Davis

Everyone loves vintage. Whether it be an old record you found in the basement or your grandmas necklace, vintage has always been in. Granted, vintage is always changing obviously, and one day maybe our old jackets and jeans will be worn around by our children.

Courtesy of Madelyn Hopkins

To prove my point (and because I find it pretty interesting), below are some examples from InStyle on how fashion really is going back in time.

Courtesy of InStyle
Courtesy of InStyle
Courtesy of InStyle
Courtesy of InStyle

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