Jaw Dropping Sales

By Tori Levy

It’s the end of February, but all I have hanging in my closet are jackets, boots, and thermals. I do have the occasional dress, but I wasn’t prepared to be stripping down to a tank top and skirt until at least after Spring Break. I don’t know when winter came and left, but the cold, gloomy air has seemed to dissipate. Now with a closet filled with outfits designed for 30 degrees and below, I have put myself in a bit of a predicament.

I could have my summer clothes shipped back to MacCracken Hall, but what fun would that be? The best part about winter leaving for the other hemisphere are the sales. Take advantage of stores having the end of the season sales, because most of the time the “winter clothes” are summer outfits in disguise.

Here are a few stores that have 60%+ off:


Emma & Sam have an annual sale twice a year that happens to be going on right now. Everything on their website is 60% with a few exceptions of cheaper items. Tees are $24, bodysuits are $24, and sweatshirts are $48. Most of the clothes are usually priced around $64- $188.


With jeans, you get the quality you pay for. However, with that said, most of us can’t afford $100 plus jeans. CarMar’s jeans are comfy and come in styles from boyfriend to skinny, so you are bound to find the right pair. On their website now, jeans are $68 and skirts are $48.


Shein is having a sale up to 85% off on their new spring collection. For Friday night dresses or Saturday day shirts, Shein provides it all. Every college girl has a budget, so it’s a good thing that almost all the clothes are under $35.

Courtesy of Emmaandsam.com


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