Not Your Mama’s Jeans

By Lizzie Carter

Mom jeans. You’ve seen them worn Uptown, in that trendy neighborhood of your hometown, and hanging in every Urban Outfitters across the nation. You may seem skeptical to its comeback, but this major ’00s throwback seems to be catching huge popularity on the runway as well as on our own college campus lately. Since we’ve gone through multiple phases of different jean styles, you can’t seem to be surprised that designers went back to this original style. Everywhere you go, you will end up spotting baggy, acid wash, or ripped up denim clad groups of girls.

Courtesy of @rosepoph

Traditionally in a neutral, lighter wash, these so called mom jeans seem to be rocked by all body types and all walks of life, deeming them bold and flattering by a confident wearer. Comfort seems to be back for pants, yet again leaving skinny jeans behind.

Courtesy of @lizzzziee

If you’re not confident enough to channel your inner soccer mom, you can always opt for a pair of low rise, thoroughly ripped jeans for a take on the ugly jean trend. Still a fun look, just a little safer and guaranteed no wedgie.

Courtesy of @laurenelizabeth

Rocking these may be out of your style comfort zone, but definitely not your comfy, cozy zone. Super soft material and never restricting, ugly jeans may be the comeback pants your blood circulation needs to escape from years of leggings and skinny jeans.

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