Timeless Tees

By Claire Vaughn

There are plenty of fashion trends that come and go. Trends change all the time, between seasons, holidays, situations, etc. Especially with the rise of social media and sharing of pictures and fashion, there are so many trends that change on whim. But, there are of course those fashion staples that are completely timeless. There trends will never go out of style. One of these trends is the classic plain white t-shirt.

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Plain white t-shirts have been around since what seems like the beginning of time. They were especially popular in the 1950s for men. Think of John Travolta in Grease with his white shirt and leather jacket. Likewise, for women during this time, plenty of them wore a white shirt with a sweater and a square scarf around their necks. The plain white t-shirt has crept its way into just about every decade in some way or another. The ’90s were also filled with shirts, though many fit with the grunge style. They were often worn with flannels and even under spaghetti strap dresses, another ’90s staple that is finding its way into 2017.

Although the plain white tee has never really gone out of style, it has certainly made a big comeback of popularity in the recent months. This has much to do with the popularity of athleisure wear. It is very easy to throw on a white shirt with leggings and a sweater. Likewise, it is also great to throw on a tied white t-shirt, jeans and heels for going out. This is also a great staple for the transitioning of seasons. White t-shirts match anything. So, pairing with a winter sweater or light cardigan is perfect. Especially during the springtime when it is chilly in the morning and very warm in the afternoon. White tees look great with sweaters or by themselves. A jean jacket and a light scarf is a good way to add some spring flair to a simple look!

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Wearing longer necklaces has also become a very demanding look. It is great for looking high fashion, professional, or even casual. The great thing about white t-shirts is that they pair so well with this jewelry trend. Because the shirt is plain and simple, by spicing it up with some fun jewelry, it makes it all the more playful. Adding fun lipstick is another way to dress up this look and add some more personality!

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Plain white t-shirts are great, as they are simple and classic. They can be dressed up or down and accessorized. They are perfect for all seasons and as usual, when worn with confidence, brighten up an entire outfit for the day.

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