The Season of Darties!


By Nellie Given

The weather is (was) warming up and you know what that means, DARTIES! You may be asking yourself, what is this darty everyone is speaking about? Well friend, darty simply means a day party- the best kind of party. Now that you understand what every college student is talking about right now, you’re probably wondering what on earth you are going to wear. I’m going to show you guys some classic day party looks, along with some fun date party outfits! This is a very exciting time on Miami’s campus.

A Trip to Hawaii 

The most tropical of date parties, Hawaiian theme gets everyone ready for spring break! Looking the part is super easy to pull off too! All you need is a lei, a cute flowery romper or Hawaiian shirt, and some super fly sunnies. The best places for Hawaiian shirts are thrift stores- you will find the cutest and the tackiest of vacay shirts, let me tell you.

Courtesy of Mary Keeton Lane


80s Ski Bash

This one is a bit trickier, but with smart buying you can use the clothes multiple times! My friends ended up buying some bright sports bras (who doesn’t need more sports bras amiright?), fun colored or black workout leggings, and a bright windbreaker. The only thing that may get shoved to the back of your closet are a nice pair of ski googles, but who knows, you may go to Aspen soon.

Picture1.png 2.png
Courtesy of @ashheth


Pajama Party


The comfiest of all parties, the pajama party is one of my personal favorites! It’s so simple too. Everyone has pajamas! You can either go crazy and wear a onesie or you can pull out your cozy pj pants and softest shirt. Really, there are no rules when it comes to Pajama parties!

Picture1.png 3.png
Courtesy of Rachael Sorcher

Crush Parties

Crush parties are a super fun way to meet tons of new people, or to get to know that hot guy from your stats class who always needs a pencil. The wonderful thing about crush parties is that your invite is anonymous, so your crush from stats never has to know you stare at the back of his head everyday dreaming about your wedding. Since crush parties are like valentines, the usual color scheme is pink and red, but there are always those who stick to their go to black.

Courtesy of Eden Eisel 

Last but not least, DARTIES!

The cheers for warm weather!! Darties are great because you can wear whatever you want! No need for constraining jeans or tops, pull out your comfy pants and head on out. The classic darty look would have to be a basketball jersey, jean shorts, and the versatile white converse. You can’t go wrong here. SIDENOTE: make sure you know the player on your jersey, you will get hollered at and it’s nice to know why everyone is yelling LEBRON at you.

Picture1.png 5.png
Courtesy of Colleen Carver