Being UPsessed with Distressed

By Adzaan Muqtadir


Youth in Revolt definitely wouldn’t be true to its title without the hint of inclusion of a ripped article of clothing within its pages.

Courtesy of Youth In Revolt
Courtesy of Youth in Revolt
Courtesy of Youth in Revolt

Being paid homage in a major editorial spread as well as having its own article, ripped jeans have surely been noted as the star of the issue. But what makes them a part of the  Youth in Revolt uniform? Being a polarizing piece within itself, at every sight you become aware of  the fact that they have that extra dimension that is capable of altering the look and vibe of an outfit completely.

Whether it be the product of straying away from the traditionally marketed clean cut jeans that usually gets the all mainstream limelight or the in-your-face crossing of heavily gendered silhouettes, there is something to be said about what ripped jeans have to offer. Our issue manages to provide a clear sum up that ripped boyfriend jeans are one of those clothing items that in itself makes you feel like a different person when you put them on. By themselves, they provide a new attitude, and that effect is hard to come by in a single article of clothing. In short, the epitomize the message quoted in UP that “it isn’t how the clothes fit, but rather how they feel.”


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