Paris Fashion Week with H&M

By Kaylee Spahr

Paris Fashion Week is home to some of the biggest designer shows in the game including Balenciaga, Velentino, Chloe and more. Top designers debuted their upcoming lines with the help of elite models and celebrity packed audiences. One thing that goes without saying for many of these fashion lines is a high retail price which isn’t something us college students can always manage. But have no fear because H&M is here to save the day!

Courtesy of @hm

H&M, known for high fashion and low prices, spread messages of happiness and love with the pops of bright vibrant colors . H&M’s Head of Design Ann-Sofie Johansson described the idea behind this line by saying, “We think we need some love. You always need love, but maybe now more than ever. I think love is a good positive message to give to everyone.” Although the show mostly consisted of black and white pieces with graphic prints of boldly stating the word love and jolts of olive green and neon prink, the positive vibes were evident.

This year H&M showed their spring 2017 collection with the help of both Gigi and Bella Hadid as well as many other diverse and experienced models. Gigi opened the show in a black button down shirt dress with lace detailing and a deep red lip. With her soft smile and warm facial expression the tone of the show was set. The show overall had a very laid back vibe reflecting the line itself as many models danced, blew kisses and even sang along to the music while walking down the runway.To top it all off immediately following the show The Weekend preformed.