Are Khakis a Thing?

By Kat Holleran

Khaki is back-y!!!!! (I’m so sorry.)

This weekend I went home to Cleveland and took it upon myself to take a trip to the m-word (the mall). While I was looking for jean shorts and a bikini for spring break, things which I did not find, I tried on these khaki jogger things from J.Crew. Let me tell you, these babies rocked. They were stretchy, they were lightweight but not see through, they had big pockets, they had a DRAWSTRING WAIST, PEOPLE.

Photo Courtesy of Kat Holleran

I didn’t buy them.

Mainly because I don’t need more pants, but also because where/how/why would I wear khakis? If not because they’re more comfy than leggings, maybe because they’re also just cool. Despite how much they remind me of uniform-clad middle school days or Abercrombie and Fitch, chinos and khaki accents might just be back.

I mean, Krizia showed us on the runway in Milan that we can wear a khaki coat as a dress! Or how about No. 21’s khaki colored skirt?

No. 21

I’ve got a lot of personal exploring to do with khaki (maybe there will be an update on it in a couple months…). For now, here are some khaki flavored things you should probably check out:

J.Crew Cropped Ruffle Chino Pant

Botanica Lace Dress by Bardot (this has Kim K vibes)

Burberry’s Tomville Dress Coat  (if you can afford to buy this, you should also be able to afford wearing it as a dress–just try it)

This funky dress from Pixie Market


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