Achromatic Allure

By Adzaan Muqtadir


When I’m knee-deep in a style rut, there’s a solid 99% chance I’m going to forgo the color and reach for a full-on black look. Colors can get complicated with coordinating them to work with not only other clothing pieces, but accessories and makeup as well. Rather than dealing with the complication and thought process of having to keep all of those elements in mind, black removes all of that brainwork straight out of the equation just like that.

Besides being a color sought out for convenience and  a way to suffice the intense calls of indecisiveness, black is a color that on its own can say what’s left unsaid. As explored in Youth in Revolt, the color black is a communicator. The abundance of adjectives tied to the color proves that with mysterious, modest, mature, powerful, bold, and dynamic to name a few on the list.


If you feel that an all-black look is a bit too plain and dark, try utilizing one black and white pattern in a still predominantly black outfit. Here, I worked with ripped black jeans paired with a black and white striped top and a matching black lip to push the edgy trend even further.


     As quoted from Ab Luther’s article in the issue, “black is the great equalizer—a subtle reminder of how transformative fashion is to how we choose to present ourselves and convey a greater meaning.”

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