Break UP with boring hair

By Maddie Clark

After a long, long winter full of the same boring sweaters, all of us are ready for the style change that comes with spring. Luckily, this spring is all about clothes that make a statement—bright, fun, edgy, and unique. If you’re ready to transform your wardrobe and turn heads why not go the extra mile and funk up your hair as well?

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.15.32 PM.png
Courtesy of @traceycunningham1

I’ll admit it, up until this winter I had been rocking the same hairstyle that I had since feshman year of high school. When I sat down in the chair for a quick trim I made a split second decision and chopped off ten inches. I know it sounds scary, but it was one of the most liberating things I had done in a while and completely updated my look. The feeling of improving myself and doing something different is awesome and the best part is nothing is permanent.


Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.23.56 PM
Courtesy of @haussalon

Whether you add a few subtle highlights, cut edgy front bangs or try a shoulder length style, make a move to freshen up your look. Try something crazy and spring into spring as a whole new you!

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