Spring Has Sprung

By Claire Vaughn

Spring is approaching fast, and with spring comes new and bright colors! Winter tends to have a darker palette, a duller vibe, but spring is refreshing and new. There is something so freeing about putting away those thick sweaters and bringing out the flowy rompers and dresses! This spring, bold patterns are key.

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Courtesy of @appletreeoxford

Winter has been known for solid, dark colors. Very little pattern or pop of color are necessary. But spring is a complete contrast. Spring is a time for new vibes and trying bold new things. One of the best recurring spring trends is floral print. Since spring is an indication of warm weather, it only makes sense that wearing dainty lowers printed on a flowy dress, romper, or tank, is so in! These can often be worn with brown sandals or flip flops. As with anything, it’s really fun to dress these patterns up or down by adding a casual solid-colored belt or a cool summer style hat.

Another big pattern this year is tribal print. This has been very popular for the last few years. It’s even made its way into the different seasons, such as winter and fall sweaters and accessories like purses and jewelry. One of the best things about this pattern is that it gives off less of a girly vibe and more of a cool, indie feel. It’s all about the look you’re trying to go for! Plus, many of these patterns also have a great color scheme to go along with. It’s easy to play up the colors by adding some simple sandals or fun jewelry.

Spring is also the transition period when everyone is looking forward to summer. Thus, it makes sense that there are many summer styles that make their way into spring fashion, as well. For instance, wearing a cute romper with a sweater over it is a perfect way to keep warm in the morning, but stay cool throughout the day. There are many cute patterns that come with this, as well, such as beachy water tones, leaves, etc. The combinations are endless. It is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and make way for the new season!

Spring is a time to give your closet a bright, new makeover. Throw out the cold, dark tones of winter and make way for the new warm vibes of spring! Incorporating patterns into your wardrobe can give your whole wardrobe and attitude a pop of adventure.

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