Sneaker Revival

By Meghan Flynn

There’s no doubt that sneakers are having a moment, but when all your friends show up to the party wearing the same footwear, is that a sign to make a change?  For years, people embraced matching Converse and Adidas through photos, but most recently I’ve seen people shifting toward Vans and other options.

Courtesy of Sam Jones

Vans, a company more classically associated with someone who shopped at Hot Topic and Journeys, now is having a revival across all characters.  Vans has an entire collection at Opening Ceremony.  Opening Ceremony has monochromatic leather sneakers, as well as shoes drenched in glitter—100% guaranteed to be a show stopper.

Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Nike just released a whole line of tan shoes, (Yeezy inspired?) that are a great alternative to the white sneakers you may see on the daily.

However, if you’re still stuck on the classic white of the Converse and Adidas and are ready to move UP to your next pair of sneaks, try the brand Superga. Superga is a canvas lace-up shoe with a rubber sole.  They’re extremely affordable and come with different variations like a platform for when your Saturday turns to night.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

There is something about a white sneaker that takes a look from trying too hard for the middle of Ohio to casually approachable. I’m sure some variation of this is why hundreds of girls at Miami have these knock-around shoes. Simple and cute, the shoes favor to many weekday and weekend outfits.

So, do some spring cleaning. Throw out the dingy shoes and treat yourself!  Or, maybe don’t throw them out because the people that don’t replace their dingy beer soaked, mud covered Converse could be on to something. They can keep one pair fresh and ruin the other until after graduation, where dirt and grass isn’t the common flooring at a party.

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