Bronze UP

By Nellie Given

I hope all of you readers are having a break full of sleep and good food! Some of you are living it up in the sun right now. You have your toes in the sand, some delicious drink in your hand, and will come back to campus looking like a fully-rested bronze goddess. I wish. For the rest of us, we’re probably at home sitting in the couch stuffing our faces with all the great meals our parents made, no shame. My dilemma is that I spend all week hanging out in my pjs until Sunday rolls around and it’s time to head back to Miami, looking paler than ever. If you’re reading this and think, “Wow, this is totally me right now, I should get out of bed and go outside” do not worry! I am all for self-tanners, bronzer, and colors that make me appear tan so my skin doesn’t blind anyone who looks at me.

Skipping the tanning is actually really good for you! Not saying that it’s ok to never go outside and experience sunshine, you need SOME vitamin D and warmth. But, the damage of a tanning bed or all natural tanning lasts a lifetime. Since there have been countless studies on tanning and the negative effects it has on your skin, cosmetic brands have produced SO many alternative ways to bronze that is actually good for your skin.

Tarte cosmetics has produced a whole line of self tanners infused with skin-loving stuff! Their most popular tanner is called, Brazilliance PLUS + self tanner. Some of the benefits of this tanner are that it contains maracuja, sunflower seed oil, citric acid, squalane, and aloe; while also coming with a nifty mitt for a smooth application. A big plus about this self tanner is that it goes on very very dark- practically black- so you can see all of the places you missed. Then it quickly drys to produce a nice, even color on your skin. It doesn’t fade after a day and looks super natural.

Another tip to look nice and golden is to wear bronzer. Bronzer is a gift. It can give your face some serious dimension, while also giving you a sun-kissed glow. Also, wearing bright colors or white will make your skin pop. Go get your bronze on!