Katy Perry’s Kicks

By Nellie Given

We are all familiar with Katy Perry’s exuberant style- bold colors, crazy cuts, and all around fun patterns. She is a fashion icon known for putting her own spin on the latest trends. Now, we can share Katy’s fierce style! Katy recently released a new line of shoes for the world to purchase and love. Her footwear reflects her personality and style, but in a more modest way so anyone could pull them of, and at reasonable prices, everyone can. I better make some room in my closet!

Courtesy of katyperrycollections.com

Of course Katy cannot create her own footwear line without any themes. Every collection Katy makes has a certain theme: Hav’ana Good Time, Sole-estial, Pump Up the Jam, Holiday, and then Katy’s Picks. Her shoes range from mountain-high heels with colorful stars around the outside to little flats in the design of a red, retro car. Honestly, what could be cuter?

Courtesy of katyperrycollections.com

Each pair of her shoes has a little hint of Katy’s signature fun. Compared to her eccentric costumes, her shoes have the perfect balance of crazy and simple. Anyone can wear these shoes and pull them off! Flaunt these pieces of art on your feet for any occasion. Her shoes are the perfect ice-breaker because there is no way you won’t get complemented on them.