5 Vitamins You Should be Taking Everyday

By Hannah Blaze

I’m sure as a kid you were most likely forced by your mom to take some sort of multivitamin, usually in gummy form or the shape of your favorite TV character. As we all have gotten older, and most likely busier, making sure to take a daily supplement is usually not at the top of a college student’s priorities. However, it should be, and I am here to tell you why!

Vitamins are like the drunk girls you meet in the bathroom at Brick. You definitely don’t need them, but they sure are great emotional support when you don’t have a real friend there to help you out. If you are getting all of the proper nutrients that you need through the food you consume on a given day, then there really is no need to take extra vitamins. But let’s be real here—what are the odds that we’re all getting our proper daily nutrients through the food they serve us in dining halls?? Very unlikely.

That’s where vitamins step in! They’re great because they help fill the gaps in all of the spaces where you may have skipped out on certain nutrients. This will overall help boost your immunity (which we all could use in college), support healthy aging, ensure positive eye health, and help you overall feel much better and more energized!

There are five vitamins that I personally cannot live without:

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1. Multivitamins

Multivitamins are great because they are a ‘take one and done’ type deal. As long as it contains 100% of each supplement’s daily recommended dose, multivitamins are an awesome way to go when you really don’t have the time or motivation to organize and take a bunch of pills everyday.

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2. Probiotics

Probiotics are key to staying healthy. If you’re getting sick non-stop and are constantly complaining about how weak your immune system is, you may want to try a probiotic!! A large majority of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, and probiotics line your tract to help absorb nutrients and fight infection.When you fill your gut with all of the good probiotics it needs, it will perform its functions much more efficiently and leave you feeling much, much better.

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3. Vitamin C

I’m sure you have heard that you should take Vitamin C when you’re sick, but you should really take it year round! It helps support your immune system and fight the common cold, and taking a dose every day helps prevent any future illnesses.

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4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is great to take, especially around this time of year when the sun is still not shining at a constant. Vitamin D has so many benefits, including fighting depression, as well as strengthening your bones and teeth, which could help prevent osteoporosis later in life (which is common among older women)!

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5. Iron

This one usually pertains more to vegetarians/vegans like me because it’s often harder for non meat-eaters to receive enough iron in their diets. Iron deficiencies often lead to anemia, which is never fun (trust me I have been there). You are constantly fatigued, extremely pale, and often get lightheaded. I usually take an iron supplement every other day because I find taking one a day (at 65 mg) is just a little bit too much for my body. Getting too much iron is never good either, and will lead you right back to feeling fatigued, or in more serious cases, organ damage. Just listen to your body and you will soon figure out the right dosage you need!

Overall, I find that vitamins drastically increase my energy levels and keep me a lot healthier than when I don’t take supplements. At the very minimum, I really encourage taking a multivitamin, and I bet you will see the amazing results in no time!

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