Sheer Joy

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By Adzaan Muqtadir

Lightweight? Check! Breathable? Check! Trendy? Check! What’s a better fabric to sustain your spring and summer wardrobe than sheer fabric?

Given the obvious practical qualities that are demanded of spring and summer wear, sheer is the perfect choice to stock up on, but let us not forget about the stylistic qualities that sheer has to offer. Sheer, no matter how much or how little you wear, meets the line of modesty and complete exposure. Being transparent, sheer adds the perfect flirty touch to an outfit for a person who doesn’t desire to bear it all but still craves the look of skin in a much more subtle fashion.

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Courtesy of Vogue 

As seen on the runway, these models are wearing floor length gowns which given the length, is what one would think of as the epitome of a modest piece. However, the sheer detailing provides a counterintuitive element of that with the legs being allowed to be visible. Simultaneously, modesty and exposure are both working hand in hand in these looks.

Sheer can be a great means of incorporating pattern play into an outfit, as well. With this top, for instance, the polka dots (a personal favorite print) are embedded into the sheer part of the shirt, which still allows for a bit a personality to be present in my outfit.

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