Spring Stripes

By Claire Vaughn

Everyone knows that spring is a time for happy, bright, and bold patterns. Spring is a time to break out of those dark winter colors and express your bubbly side! With spring in full swing, there are plenty of new and exciting trends to try. But, why not keep it classy, casual, and timeless with some spring stripes!

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Stripes have been a fashion staple since forever. And spring is a lovely time to try them out! There are so many different ways to wear stripes. There are striped dresses, striped shorts, striped t-shirts, striped sweatshirts—the list goes on! The colors are endless, too. Spring colors are generally brighter or lighter. Think pastels and pinks and yellows, oranges and light blues. The best part about stripes is that they can be worn with many different things and can be accessorized very naturally. For instance, black and white thin stripes are very classy. A shirt with these types of stripes can be paired with jeans and converse or leggings and flip flops, etc. Another great idea is to pair a grey or navy blue striped shirt with a pink or light scarf. This keeps the shirt very classic, but gives a pop of color, which is perfect for spring!

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Another great thing about stripes is that they come in many sizes and positions. In other words, there are thin stripes, thick stripes—even one or two stripes only can be present on a shirt at a time. Likewise, stripes can be vertical or horizontal and have a lot or a little bit of space between them. It is considered a bad idea to wear vertical stripes, especially around your waist area. This is because many people believe that it could make you look larger in this section. Some people also believe that tall people shouldn’t wear thin, vertical stripes, as it could make someone look  taller. But, what’s the problem with that? These are “rules” that are no longer applicable. Every body is different, so stripes, or any pattern is going to look different on everybody. But, these outdated expectations should not be taken seriously, as anybody can wear anything he or she wants to! Anybody can pull off any type of stripes, no matter the size or shape.

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Don’t be afraid to try a bold new pattern this spring! Stripes are a perfect introduction to patterns. They will never really go out of style and will remain a classy way to spice up an outfit.

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