Bombshell Boyfriend Jeans

By Claire Vaughn

Everyone knows that jeans will never go out of style. This is mostly due to the fact that there are so many different styles and looks that can be put together wearing jeans. They’re also great for any season. Perfect for sweater weather or a spring breeze. But recently, the distressed look has really caught our eye. Check out this article all about the distressed look. One of the best ways to show off the distressed style is by pairing anything with some boyfriend jeans.

UP Magazine Staff

Boyfriend jeans really gained momentum in the summer of 2015. That was when the more loosely fitting jeans became very popular. They are a cute alternative to the tight skinnies. They are even very trendy to wear with converse and a t-shirt. They are super cute to be dressed up or down. They can be dressed up by adding a collared shirt and some pointed flats. This adds a girly, yet unique feel to the entire look!

Courtesy of @kolorowa_dusza

Jeans are obviously great in any season. But boyfriend jeans are ideal for the warmer months. They are perfect for the Spring time, as they are loosely fitting and can be paired with a light sweater or collared shirt. They are even great in the summer. By wearing a flowy tank and flip flops, you can rock a cool beach inspired outfit! They are also perfect for outdoor concerts and music festivals! They can be rugged and tattered, or boho and chic, it’s up to you! They are classic, with a twist! And who doesn’t love a little bit of change every once in awhile!

UP Magazine Staff

As with anything, confidence is key. And change is good. I can honestly say that I don’t think skinny jeans are going out of style anytime soon. They’re certainly a closet staple. But everyone needs some competition, right? And boyfriend jeans are giving them a run for their money! They are trendy and comfy and can be paired with just about anything for a quick chic look. They are the ideal spring and summer staple that can be worn out on the town shopping, a trendy lunch date, or a summer night bonfire.