Victoria Beckham collection at Target

By Nellie Given

Victoria Beckham has finally decided to grace the world with her beautiful designs at an affordable price! Victoria has collaborated with Target to create fun spring and summer outfits for all age groups. The cutest thing about her upcoming collections is the “matching” line for moms and daughters. I say matching loosely because Victoria is not cheesy, therefore she wouldn’t design cheesy paired outfits. There will be no embarrassing matchy-matchy looks, so don’t worry. The collection comes out on April 9th, so get ready to spend a whole day at Target.

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If you don’t know Victoria Beckham, let me introduce to you a woman who is successful in many areas of life. Beckham got her fame from being a Spice Girl. Yes, that is the coolest thing ever! She was known as “Posh Spice” because of her classy style. Then after her pop career ended, she decided that fashion was the next big step for her, which was such a great path to follow. She has been a successful fashion icon ever since the spice days. Also, you’re probably like, “Hmm Beckham, isn’t that the last name of the beautifully perfect soccer player and Calvin Klein underwear model?” Why yes, yes it is! Our girl Victoria snagged David Beckham back in the 90s, so goals. With David, they have 4 kiddos that will grow up to be absolutely gorgeous and amazing.

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Victoria’s line at Target was inspired by her 5-year-old daughter Harper- I know, adorable! The collections tell the stories of mom and daughter which is honestly the cutest thing ever. Victoria was quoted saying about the collaboration, “It just goes to show how fun the collaboration has been. This is all about empowering women, empowering young girls, and making everybody feel like the best versions of themselves, and having fun at the same time.” She is no wannabe, friends.

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