Saturday Morning Skin

By Lizzie Carter

Courtesy of @glossier

There is nothing more devastating than waking up on a Saturday to find your makeup still on, skin duller than concrete and fresh pimples that spontaneously formed overnight. And of course you only have two hours to fix it before you spend the day at Beat, ready to revive this nightmare-skin Sunday morning. The true quick fix is to just not go out, but I know that’s not gonna happen and so do you. So for the times that you let a late Friday night out Uptown get the best of you, here are some skincare solutions that I compare to a Hangover Helper from Bagel early Sunday morning to fix that nausea and migraine.

First thing’s first: REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP. This is a cardinal sin to commit in the skincare world and easier way to combat those pesky white heads from popping up. A simple swipe of a Neutrogena wipe will not suffice, either. Go into the bathroom, take your favorite face wash, and scrub. Repeat until all that foundation and eye shadow is down the drain.

If you wake up with redness and dullness, here are some more tips. Since alcohol is a vasodilator, it opens up the blood vessels under the skin and makes your face flush. I guess little rosy cheeks are cute, until it’s the shade of your whole face. To fix this, rub a serum all over and leave on overnight. It’s simpler than moisturizer and seeps deep in the skin to fix those pesky, inflamed blood vessels. If you wake up to wash off this serum only to find your skin duller than ever, exfoliate and apply a 10 minute clay mask everywhere. This will not only strip your skin of dry skin causing the dullness, It’ll hydrate and uninflame all those little pimples that popped up.

Courtesy of @itsashbenzo

This can ruin your confidence waking up on a Saturday, but just know this happens to everyone. Don’t let a little whitehead or some redness stop you from living! So wash your face, put on a mask, and thrive on.

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