Spring Into New Habits

By Tyler Aberle

It’s a new season, and with new seasons come new opportunities. Okay, sorry, I’m done with tacky lines. Anyway, it’s not a hidden fact that people strive to be successful. Where they fall into a rut is where to start. What do you change to keep you driven, focused, and better off overall? Well thank you to the people who have made it, there are some trends in their habits that we can take some notice to.

Get Out of Bed

I hate it. You hate it. We all hate it. It’s no secret that mornings absolutely suck, but there is no better way to get a head start on your day by committing to a sleep routine and getting an early start to the day. It’s the initial rolling out of bed that is the struggle. If you get up, take some time to yourself and get active quick you will find yourself to be more focused, less stressed, and one step ahead of the late-risers of the day.

Bust Out the Journals 

It’s time to dust off the journals that you told yourself you would start doing, did it for a week or two, and forgot it existed from there on out. Am I speaking from experience? Maybe. Guys swallow the pride and try it. It’s a natural stress reliever, keeps your thoughts and emotions organized and out of your head when you need to focus, and it can bring a little piece of nostalgia looking back at it. Who knows, maybe one day your journal will be published and people know who you are (@Davinci)

Read a Book

Learn yourself something and read a book. It doesn’t quite matter what it is, just find something that interests you. Most of the top CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg for example, are avid readers. Challenge yourself and read a little bit everyday. Reading has been known to benefit memory, vocabulary, and general knowledge intake.

Say No

If you say yes to everything presented to you, that’s time committed to whatever, or whoever, you are saying yes to. You need to be able to analyze and figure out what value you can pull from the situation. If you are saying yes to something then you are automatically saying no to something out. What if what you are saying no to would be more beneficial? Just food for thought.

Courtesy of coachdawnwrites.com