Styles Through the Years

By Nellie Given

Harry Styles sung his way into our lives back in 2010. We first knew Harry as the shaggy-haired lead singer for the heart-melting band One Direction #1Dforever. Now our beautiful boy has gone off on his own and released the single, “Sign of the Times”. I’ll admit, it’s been on repeat for a while on my playlist. When he’s not singing the sounds of our hearts or pulling off floral suits, Harry is appearing in films. Honestly, what can’t this boy do?

A personal favorite quality of Harry is his style. The man can work black jeans like no other. Also, he’s one of the few guys I’ve seen in a bright floral suit who owns it and works it. He’s got the throwback kind of vibe, which I guess correlates with his new tune. Whether it’s a pinstriped suit or cut-off-your-circulation-pants, he looks like he walked right off the runway and into our hearts. I mean, his last name isn’t Styles for nothing.

In order to honor our middle and high school crush, I have found the best Harry Styles looks from the past couple of years. I’ve even found pictures of his haircut so brace yourselves.

Courtesy of Glamour
1020 (1).jpeg
Courtesy of Glamour


Courtesy of Vogue

I know that this one doesn’t show a lot of his outfit, but look at him. LOOK.

What a guy. Please be careful when wearing tight pants, very few people can pull them off and you will have to eat less. Go for the loose jeans so you can finish that plate of fries!