Down With the Tan Line!

By Madelyn Hopkins

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been on my case about wearing sunscreen. I’m a pale human. That’s my fate. I burn so easily and have always dealt with awkward lobster looking moments. So when it comes to tanning and tan lines, I more so relate to burning and burn lines; however, regarding bathing suits, it’s pretty much the same thing. No one wants a visible tan line (or burn)—they’re not that attractive.

Courtesy of Marysia Swim

So why are bathing suit companies trying to screw us over?? This season, all the hottest bathing suits are bold. Unique cuts, high waisted, key holes—you name it. What ever happened to the string bikini?

Courtesy of Solid & Striped

Well, if you’re like me, then you find this new trend relieving. Wearing a bikini isn’t all about getting tan anymore, it’s about style. Swimwear has become a lot more about showing style and flare.

Granted, this is not for every situation. Your high school swim team isn’t all of a sudden wearing scalloped one pieces; however, it’s nice to see some diversity in the bathing suit world. Pieces are getting more creative and out there, which could leave you feeling that much more confident when strolling on the beach.

Courtesy of Mikoh

So when you’re looking for fun, cool bathing suits next, check out sites like CupShe, Mikoh, Marysia, or Mara Hoffman! They’re known for their unique and trendy styles that will leave you feel like the belle of the (beach) ball.

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