T-Shirt Talk

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By Adzaan Muqtadir

Wearing text plastered on a tee certainly isn’t anything new or complex (throwback to the old days when the heavily branded Aeropostale tees were popular). However, 2017 has decided to make “textualized statements”  have a strong presence on the runway, marking their spot as a major trend for the year. But what makes wearing statement tees so different in 2017 than it has been before? 

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Courtesy of Vogue

The key is including integrated buzzwords or phrases into your apparel. This could be in the form of a common catchphrase that everyone knows off the top of their head, a singsongy rhyming slogan, or an infamous brand like Chanel or Vogue. With that being said, with the message and statement being made drawing the immediate attention and eye gazes, the trend of minimizing the text in a plain black and white graphic not only makes it dynamically visible for reading but lends a hand to other aspects of the outfit being exaggerated.

In the case of my outfit, “Parfum de L’amour Number 1” is my standout text that’s interacting with a flowering background. I kept the rest of the outfit minimal with black and white, including a silk neck scarf perfect for giving off a slight chic Parisian vibe.

collage statements

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