Bell of the Ball

By Lizzie Carter

It’s all in the details. And the detail of a wider bell sleeve adds so much more interest than you may know. There’s a little more pep and flare added to your outfit when you leave to go to class and Uptown—your dance moves will be even more impressive with that little extra fun fabric. But the biggest benefit of rocking this trend is it’s the coolest way to elevate a simple outfit currently.

Courtesy of Lulu’s

If you’re going to embrace this dramatic trend, then you might as well add a little flare with some bold accessories or a trippy pattern. The fabric and fun will just look even more put together with some fun little add ons.

Courtesy of Free People

If you like keeping it on the low and not exactly fully putting yourself out there with this fun step up, then a simple flared sleeve of a sweatshirt is perfect for class. However you choose to style this flounced detail, you’ll be sure to look chic, fun, and polished.

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