Hello, Mom Jeans

By Maddie Clark

For most of my life, whenever I heard “mom” and “jeans” in a sentence together, a shiver ran up my spine. All I could think of was a pair of truly atrocious shapeless, medium-wash jeans. However, fashion works in strange ways and sometimes the clothes you once found hideous can make you feel hot and trendy the very next month. Mom jeans have been on the rise for a year or two now but, to be honest, I’ve always found the fad a little intimidating. I had had yet to see someone other than Kyler Jenner avoid flat booty syndrome in those unforgiving saggy pants.

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Courtesy of @Levis

So, as I rifled through my moms closet in search of a t-shirt to wear (I seemed to have forgotten everything I owned in Oxford when I went home for Easter weekend…), I wasn’t overjoyed to find a big pair of vintage Levis. As I was about to return them to their dusty drawer, I hesitated. The light-wash, high waisted pants had patches down the legs and the fact that they were actually worn by my mom in the ’90s convinced me to at least  try them on.

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Without even a glance, I was impressed by how breezy and comfortable they were—truly less constricting then a pair of joggers, and that’s saying something. After I checked myself out for a moment or two I came to the realization that they actually didn’t look  awful, and with a cropped tee, were super on trend. I didn’t fill them out like a Kardashian would, but there was something kind of cool about their laid back feel. Additionally, the history behind them and imagining my mom wearing them 25 years ago made me that much more drawn to them. I wore my mom jeans out to dinner and received a million compliments. The look took me out of my comfort zone but in a good way. So, there you have it—I’m officially a believer in mom jeans.

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