Gucci Celebrates Diversity with Fall 2017 Campaign

By Kaylee Spahr

Gucci’s latest campaign is gaining lots of attention in the fashion world, and for all the right reasons. A brand known for its killer designs, it’s no surprise to see the iconic Gucci name at the top of many fashion articles. However, this time Gucci is making waves for its decision to celebrate diversity through an exclusively black modeled campaign.

Courtesy of Gucci

According to their press release, the campaign titled “Soul Scene” uses inspiration from several 1960s influences. Gucci’s creative director was notably inspired by the photographer Malick Sidibe, who is known for capturing black-and-white images of the party culture in his native town of Bamako, Mali. The campaign was also inspired by England’s underground Norther Soul movement which took place also in the ’60s when a wave of music drew upon black American soul music.

All these influences are now being translated into Gucci’s Fall 2017 fashion campaign through a dance party. The photoshoot is set in a London dance hall and the images depict models pulling off some epic dance moves, rocking some bold prints and parties and as they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves.


This campaign has the potential to be major game changer in the fashion industry as diversity as yet to be widely accepted. Gucci’s “Soul Scene” Fall 2017 campaign will begin running in mid-April.