Stars, But No Stripes

By Lizzie Carter

All the basic patterns get recycled every season. You have stripes, polka dots, gingham, tie dye, etc. Every one of these goes on a piece of trendy clothes and hits it big, but a new trending pattern this season seems to be stars. Putting a little interest to your outfit, this pattern is a unique choice instead of the plain-jane patterns that keep getting talked about. It adds some starry sparkle minus the sparkle!

Courtesy of Revolve

Pictured here, you can rock a starry number in broad daylight with a fun sundress, perfect for a Saturday out and about. It brings the beautiful night sky into the day and out for the world to see.

Courtesy of @bohobeads

Another cute option for a formal setting would be this cute button down. Even though the pattern is busy, bright and bold accessories still compliment the outfit well. This could be worn for dinner, an interview, or just for a day of classes.

Daytime or nighttime, stars can be rocked despite the orbit of the Earth. This fun pattern is easily wearable and very trendy. So have fun—pick out something bold and bright or dark and subdued and rock it!

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