Why Start Big Little Lies

By Tori Levy

The seven-episode miniseries has been over for a week, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start. The crime, drama show focuses on a murder investigation in the wealthy town of Monterey, California.

The show begins with the aftermath of the school’s Trivia Night, where police have been interviewing witnesses from the night but not alluding who the victim or suspect is.

The show then switches into the past for most of its duration. Shainlee Woodley, a new mother in town, stirs the pot when her son Ziggy is the accused of being a bully. Shainlee determined of her son’s innocence as well as struggling with personal problems is one of the many aspects the show has to offer.

Shainlee Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon, and Laura Dern all deliver remarkable performances as they struggle through different problems faced in their lives. As one questions staying with her husband she loves while he continues to abusive her, another woman tries to hunt down a rapist from the past to confront issues that continue to haunt her.

The show deals with the complex yet compelling subjects of divorce, infidelity, rape, abuse- the tone dims further as you go,  so you’re almost swallowed by darkness at the end. But lightness finds it’s way as the show bestows the capability of women uniting to help one another during times of struggle.

The thrill keeps the audience on their feet, and they are left guessing until the last thirty minutes of the final episode of the events of Trivia Night. Now on HBOGo, it’s time to start binge watching.



Courtesy of Imdb.com