Flashback to the 90s with Space Buns

By Kaylee Spahr

After my annual Coachella FOMO feels which consisted of stalking every celebrity Instagram in attendance and reading all the recap articles, one trend from the iconic two weekends really stuck out to me: space buns. Although at first I personally felt I could never rock I have to admit I was feeling inspired after I saw several concert attendees rocking them in quite unique ways. It’s a total recycled trend as it was a staple hairstyle throughout the 90s but recycling seems to be a norm for all our trends these days so why not embrace it?

Courtesy of @dewindsor’

Not only is this hairstyle a standout look, but it can be unique in its styling as well. There are several ways to style depending on hair type and personal style. Whether it’s space buns in a half up half down look, completely up, or with an added flower crown, these looks are sure to complete any outfit. Make this trend your own by adding some texture with braids or a messy, tousled wave. These days it seems like the less you try the better you look! Here are some of my favorite uniquely styled space buns from Coachella:

Courtesy of @poppydelvinge
Courtesy of Refinery 29
Courtesy of Pinterest