Embracing Your Essence

By Maddie Clark

As all of you lovelies surely know, The spring issue of UP, Essence, came out with a bang last week. Summed up, the definition of essence is the intrinsic nature of quality of something. Essence cannot be altered and is a defining feature contributing to the overall character of something or someone. This week I want to focus on determining your essence and embracing it.

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Fashion and makeup are art forms that have been used for hundreds of years by individuals that wish to express themselves and their ~essence~. To me, choosing outfits and makeup and hairstyles is all about what you think looks good and what is the best reflection of who you are or who you want to be. A natural outfit with low maintenance hair and makeup expresses to true and pure you, but a fierce outfit with a bold lip and eyes plays up the wild child inside of you. We all have an essence, things that set us apart and make us unique and fabulous. This spring, join UP in making this spring be all about embracing what defines you and showing the world.


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