Beating the European Heat: Summer Style Guide

By Vivian Drury

There’s nothing more exciting than spending the summer traveling around Europe. However, sweating in the sweltering summer sun can take away from the beautiful views. Here are some options on beating the heat and getting the most out of your travels:

Airy bralettes over underwire bras

Bralettes are much more breezy because they are made of thin cotton compared to thicker padded bras. Don’t have a bralette or want a little more support? Pick a bra with a low amount of padding or opt for a sports bra! Sports bras are made to for sweat and their fun colors can be great pops of color for summer. Whatever you choose, make sure its comfortable for you and your girls.
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Courtesy of Athleta

Flow-y dresses and skirts

Wearing dresses, shorts, and skirts around Europe can be tricky because knees and shoulders are often required to enter churches. However, maxi and midi dresses and skirts are the best way around this! Wide legged pants are also great because they keep you cool, but you still can enter churches without worrying! Throw a shawl over your shoulders and you’re good to go.

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Courtesy of GAP
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Courtesy of GAP

Choosing looser fabrics over tight ones

As great and comfortable as leggings are, they aren’t the best in the heat because they stick to your legs like glue. Go for looser fabrics that will move with the wind and make you feel cooler. For shorts, go for cotton tie shorts over jeans. You will be far more comfortable after a long day of exploring in the sun!


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The most important thing about dressing for travel is comfortable shoes! Pick shoes that you have already broken in and that have some serious padding and don’t rub against your heels or toes. Nike has great athleisure options that go with any dress or skirt. Born sandals are also great because they have substantial padding which helps when you’re walking for long periods of time.

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However you decide to dress while traveling, remember to keep to cool and comfortable! Happy travels!