Summer Fashion 101: All in the Small Things





By Adzaan Muqtadir

Summer fashion trends require practicality in order to be popular- they must ensure the wearer is able to withstand the hottest temperature. A complemented and tailored look for a lifestyle that’s highly active and recreational- music festivals, amusement park trips, and road trips become occasions in which you don’t need to leave your sense of style behind.


Crafting your go-to summer look is all about examining variety amongst the things that you tend to gravitate towards. Think of it as mastering your summer uniform. For me, the odds are you’ll see me in a sleeveless top and high-waisted shorts. While sounding routine, a little attention to detail can ruffle the consistency and really amplify the basic concept into a look.

Here, I’m wearing shorts with subtle lace detailing combined with a scalloped button down top. Accomplishing the attention to the small details can be a universal rule in working with anything in your closet. If dresses are more your thing, look for fabric cutouts in different shapes and places. If you’re digging the romper set look, explore different necklines and prints- try a color blocked scheme or a matching top and bottom set.

Whatever look resonates with you, know that variants in those details are what’s going to allow your summer wardrobe to stretch out to further limits that you might have never imagined.