Lighting UP in Light Colors

By Tori Levy

There are many aspects I like about Summer- the warm breeze, jumping in the brisk water to cool off, spending endless days watching movies or reading books. When June hits, I reach into the back of my closet to brush off the dust laying on my white, light blue, and pink outfits that haven’t been worn since the previous year.

The color white is our go-to look until the green leaves turn different shades and September hits once again- triggering Autumn. Take advantage of the hundred degrees weather by dressing in lighter layers because with minimal clothing, the less exhausting the heat becomes. Stick to dresses, skirts, shorts, and tanks to be the comfiest and cutest in the summer time heat.

Summer is a time to be light. Light colors and layers.

Photography by Tori


With fourth of July here, everywhere you look will be red, blue, white, and light. So dress down with a casual crop top and shorts or a breezy dress when you’re getting ready this holiday. Leave the bright yellow, orange and neon colors for the fireworks, and go for a simpler look that will be aligned with the festivities.

The girls below are dressing down in a light blue and white striped crop top and an off the shoulder crop top with minimal jewelry- so nothing is taking away from their natural looks. And if it’s a little colder this summer season replace the skirts and shorts with a pair of boyfriend or cropped jeans.

Courtesy of UP Magazine 


Happy fourth!

Courtesy of UP Magazine