TV Less, Traveling More

By Tori Levy


I like TV as much as the next person. I quickly become attached to plot lines, sub-plotlines- even the sub-sub plotlines. I watched the first season of Stranger Things an unhealthy amount of times. I even daydream about becoming Olivia Pope- problem-solving the chaos that hits D.C.

As I glance outside my room the tree’s leaves shift- green, multicolored, crisp, and then invisible. I often forget what season it is when binge watching a show in my room. While it easy to get caught up in a different reality, it becomes hard to leave it.

That’s why I decided to close out of my Netflix tab and power the TV off- I wanted to start creating my adventures.

I’m from the suburbs of Chicago. I can’t take a road trip across the country to California- as much as I do love to hike and boogie board. So I did what any millennial would do: I scrolled through Timeout and began planning.

Free is not the word that comes to mind when I hear Chicago. Growing up in the surrounding area, a weekend in Chicago meant that I should dig into my hidden cash.

But everything I found required little to no amount of money. I spent Monday reading on the beach of Lake Michigan. On Tuesdays, the Museum of Contemporary Art is free for Illinois residents, so I explored the art galleries and Takashi Murakami’s exhibit. Later, listening to a Jazz Band concert held on the lawn behind the museum. On Wednesday, I strolled by the Lincoln Park Zoo (free admission every day), tempted to hop the fence and stroke the elephant’s trunk.
And with that, half of the week had gone by.

To explore, to search, to find the unexpected. That’s why we travel.

Next Tuesday, I plan on bringing my blanket and a bottle of apple cider to Millennium Park’s weekly summer film and picnicking on the grass.

Photography by Tori Levy