Guide for Lollapalooza 2017

By Tori Levy

Lolla is a day away. To begin prepping for an exhausting four day weekend, here is a  guide to help you stay stylish, hydrated, and upbeat.


Photography by Tori Levy


TIP 1: Hydrate

Grant Park might as well be 10 miles wide when your walking from stage to stage in the scorching heat. As sweat slips from your forehead down your face, it’s important to stay cool. Water bottles at Lolla can become expensive as the days prolong- before you know it, you’ve spent 50 dollars on the water that’s free. Bring a water bottle- there are free fill up stations all over the park to ensure hydration throughout the four days. And with all your extra cash- you’ll be able to buy late night snacks at the end of the day.

TIP 2: Comfy Yet Cute

Stay light. Tanks and shorts become your best friend. Jeans are a good idea at the moment, but when you’re surrounded by 100’s of people in a moist mosh pit- it becomes unbearable. Also, it’s better to get mud and dust on your knees then your light, bearly worn jeans. With the amount of walking, wear shoes you have broken in before. The future of your soles will look like they have been burned through by the end of the weekend- don’t wear anything new. If I’m wearing gym shoes or light sandals, my legs won’t collapse beneath me.

TIP 3: Plan Before

There are 8 stages and dozens of acts- chances are you’re not going alone. To ensure you and your friends both get to see artists you like, plan before hand. Print out a schedule with all the stages, times, and artists or grab one when you’re there. If you and your friend have an artist going on at the same time, try to split the time between the two. Know where the stages are, so you can get avoid trying to find your act and have more time to see the artist you like.


Photography by Tori Levy

Happy Lollapalooza 2017!