Fall Playlist​​

By Tori Levy


Sadly summer came and left. The high energy music that kept us afloat for three months finally recedes and begins to hibernate until the temperature hits 90 degrees next year. The air has cooled down, and the green leaves have faded- as nature changes, the music does too.

Studying, going to class, working- invite laid-back vibes. The beat and temp slow down, and the drums, guitar bass, humming vocals are prominent. Fall is the season to sink into a couch and watch movies while sipping a mug of hot green tea.


Picture by Tori Levy


Here are a few songs to add to your fall playlist.

40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic

Widely known for their song “Home,” this song comes from the same album. Heavy drums follow the vocals, which gives it a popping beat that makes you want to grab a dance partner. Although the tone of the vocals stays the same throughout the song, it highlights the lyrics of the song.

Two High By Moon Taxi

A mellow bass begins the melody before being outshined by the singing. The lead singer pitch is high and soft at the beginning of the song before the instruments take over in the chorus. At the chorus when the trumpets come into play the song shifts into a dancing anthem.

Only Temporary By Bronze Radio Return

The song bounces with the harmony- refreshing and sanguine. The lyrics of the song don’t change, but it’s why the song is inviting. The continuous loop allows the listener to sing with the artist. It’s the ideal song to play when you’re getting ready for a night out.

Float By Pacific Air

Quiet whistling begins the song before the vocals hit. The harmony is soothing- becoming the perfect song to wake up to in the morning. It’s soft and smooth throughout the song while picking up the beat by the chorus. The chimes and whistling clade out so the song come full circle.