Badass Fall

By Madelyn Hopkins

The summer of 2017 was about elegance: pale colors, florals, classic, and timeless feminine looks.

But this fall, we’re taking badass to a whole new level. Animal prints, rips, leather, graphic tees, and fringe have always been in style. There’s nothing new about wearing a graphic tee, but now it’s all being worn together.

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Courtesy of ShopBop

This fall is about to clash. It’s wearing your skull scarf with a striped tee or wearing your leather tip with ripped boyfriend jeans. There are so many ways you can express your own style while trying out this trend. Mix up your patterns, fabrics, and everything until you find something YOU like. There’s one rule- that’s to break the rules!

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Courtesy of ShopBop

So obviously this trend seems a bit crazy. It takes courage to go out in an out-of-the-norm look.  Sometimes it’s just SO easy to fall back into your normal style. But, here are some ways to rock this look without going too overboard:

  1. Pick two statement pieces that have something in common. Obviously, this doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy. Something as creating a color scheme or picking two garments that typically go together.
  2. Layers. Since it’s fall and starting to get chilly, jackets are a necessity anyways. A couple of fun statement jackets that you can layer turns any outfit from basic to badass.
  3. Find an inspiration! Whether this is going to your favorite store, magazine, or blogger- find something or someone to inspire your grungy look.
  4. Don’t worry about what others say. If you are wearing something you think is fun and cute then keep your head high and don’t let the haters get you down. This style definitely isn’t for everyone, so there’s no point for someone to judge you if it isn’t for them!
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Courtesy of ShopBop


Play around with some of the big trends this fall and combine them! You’ll be surprised how often you love the way you look when you jump out of your comfort zone!

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